Technical Copywriting

How often have you researched a product or service you wanted to purchase and found:

  • Inconsistencies throughout the company's product information
  • Mixture of terminology usage, feature explanations, and branding strategies in the product literature

Did you think that you were reading about two or more different products or services?

Don't let that happen to your product information. Whether you are selling software applications or small electronics, it is important that all of your product documents speak to your customers in the same language.

When your customer knows what you are selling, they can quickly decide whether or not your product or technology is the right solution for them. This means that you spend more time discussing unit prices and delivery dates rather product specifications.
REV Communications' total documentation package ensures that product terminology and branding strategy remain consistent throughout all the product information including product data sheets, website content, and user manuals.

Last minute changes to product names and feature lists. No problem. When the product documentation is created from the same source, a quick fix is only one email message or telephone call away.

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