REV Communication provides professional technical communication services that suite your small business needs and budget.

Technical Writing

Learning complex ideas and then simplifying them in clear and concise documents is what REV Communication does best. No matter how easy or difficult your product is to use, your customers want high quality product documentation. Well organized and easy to understand user manuals and assembly instructions reduce the amount of time and money you spend on customer support issues. We specialize in providing the following technical documentation:

  • Software user guides
  • Hardware installation manuals
  • Instruction sheets
  • Software Development Kit (SDK) reference guides

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Technical Copywriting

At REV Communication, we love to learn technology inside and out, and then tell people how great it is. We know that goodtechnical copyis not only convincing, but also is easy to understand and technically accurate. Letus help you make thoseimportant first impressions with our technical copywriting services. We specialize in creatingthe following marketing materials:

  • Website content
  • Product data sheets and brochures
  • White papers
  • Sales letters

What are the advantages of having your marketing copy and your technical documentation come from the same team of writers? You can be certain that all of the product terminologies and explanations are consistent through all of your product documentation.

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Technical Editing

A thorough technical edit is the fastest and easiest way to improve your existing product documentation. Not only does a technical edit correctspelling, grammar, and punctuation errors,but also it ensures that your document uses consistent organization, terminology, and styles. A technical edit makes your document easier to read, and improves the organization of important ideas so that your clients and users learn your products faster.

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Technical Illustration

Well designed technical illustrations are one of the most important elements of any technical document. Whether it's a user guide or a product data sheet, if used appropriately, technical illustrations help your readers understand the more difficult technical concepts of your product or service. Also,smartillustrations reduce page numbers and make your document easier to read.

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